About HCF

At HCF Insurance, "Protecting Your Assets" is our hallmark. No other insurance agency has our expertise, customer service, and strategic programs we provide to out clients. We are unparalleled in our ability to provide programs and risk management to clients of any size. Our client's testimony will confirm just how competitively priced the products and benefits we offer really are. We help growing companies protect their assets, their employees and their families. We assist corporations manage risk, so they can maintain achieving, and surpassng their goals.  We provide a solid, reliable service that is crucial to preserving lasting relationships.

What HCF offers:

  • The services we provide are unparalleled in this industry and give our clients a tangible feeling for the intangible cost of insurance.
  • We help companies protect their assets, their employees and their futures.
  • We help Healthcare Facilities manage risk so they can achieve greater goals and continue to do great deeds for their residents and staff, as well as the community.
  • We provide a solid and stable agency during unstable times. We are unique in providing customized and innovative solutions to clients with our strategic programs.

What our clients expect: 

Our clients know us for our four values: Integrity. Accountability. Expertise. Value.

  • Integrity. An insurance relationship, more than any other business relationship, is built on trust. You either have it or you don't. Our clients and our carriers notice a difference when they deal with us.
  • Accountability. It's a rare company that can make excellence routine. Our formula is simple: Performance beyond the required is our standard in all we do. We make that commitment to our clients, our carriers and ourselves.
  • Expertise. We only hire industry experts here at HCF. We are not a training ground for inexperienced consultants or account managers. Our experts are trained diligently in the healthcare industry to offer the much needed knowledge base to provide security to our clients.
  • Value. Typically, most business owners have a distain for paying insurance premiums, despite how competitive the program is. The reason being, they rarley have claims, and therefore feel they are receiving a true service in return. With our added value services, including our On-Site Risk Management, the insured will feel secure in knowing that their premium is always being put to very good use.